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  • Works under: Windows 7
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jDownloader is a download tool that makes transferring from file hosting services faster and easier.

File hosting services provide access to files that aren’t easily accessed elsewhere because they’re too large or for other reasons. The downside to file hosting services can be that they split archives into a number of separate files that require individual downloads, and they can slow down the process overall by requesting user input, such as CAPTCHA codes or other verification.

That’s where jDownloader comes in. The program supports batching, so you can add any number of links to it. Then, just set it and forget it. jDownloader can download files simultaneously to get the most out of your bandwidth. In addition, if the server supports segmented downloading and is capping speeds lower that what you can support, jDownloader can concurrently download different segments of the same file to really maximize your connection.

A potential byproduct of this type of segmented downloading is broken or corrupt downloads, but downloads can be repaired simply by downloading the incorrect segment, which seams easy enough. However, repairs are a bit spotty in jDownloader and may require a complete re-download. Fortunately, broken downloads aren’t that common of an occurrence.

jDownloader can also automate CAPTCHA codes and other forms of verification, which is a really great feature. The success rate doesn’t near 100 percent and, depending on the verification type used, may be less than 50 percent, but that’s all right. It still makes the process easier. CAPTCHAs will usually only occur about 20 percent of the time or less, and if jDownloader encounters verification it can’t get past, it simply puts that file aside, moves on to the next, and waits for your input for the delayed file.

jDownloader is a free, open-source program that does what it sets out to do and has many great features. It doesn’t seem to be optimized; however, which means that it can be a resource hog and cause older computers to run poorly. Nevertheless, modern computers often have enough horsepower to overcome these limitations with sheer brute force.


  • Can improve download speeds
  • Supports concurrent downloads
  • Automates CAPTCHA verification


  • Not optimized
  • Broken download repair spotty
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